The following white paper describes a new approach to PostgreSQL database isolation which directly affects complete backup and restore of databases, total database isolation, security and disaster recovery capabilities.

The guide was written in a specific way that a junior SQL Server DBA can learn from and it even touches some advanced features as well.

The example is like the following:

I have in AlgoData table the following xmls containning the following strings inside of them:

SQL Server Integration Services includes log providers that you can use to implement logging in packages, containers, and tasks. With logging, you can capture run-time information about a package, helping you audit and troubleshoot a package every time it is run.

I have developed a script to review the runtime of Jobs scheduled to run multiple times day on SQL Server 2005.

the script has been developed on SQL server 2005 and gives the ability to find out from all active jobs the precentage of running time divided to job interval in the last 24 hours.